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Benjamin britten


Exploring the question

"What does it mean to be an artist in our modern age?"


What is the modern age?

It’s an age where we care a lot about other people’s opinions. 

There are many influences, styles, motivations (like money and fame), desires, that are not necessarily yours.

In such a time, how do you find your artistic voice in society?

Let us channel Benjamin Britten and hear what he has to say, in his own words. 


“There are many dangers which hedge round the unfortunate composer: pressure groups which demand true proletarian music, snobs who demand the latest avant-garde tricks; critics who are already trying to document today for tomorrow... These people are dangerous because they may make the composer self-conscious, and instead of writing his own music, music which springs naturally from his gift and personality, he may be frightened into writing pretentious nonsense or deliberate obscurity.”

-- Benjamin Britten, 1964



Private residence, Upper West Side NYC

December 14, 6:30pm


Suite for Violin and Piano, Op.6

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 65

Cello Suite No.1, Op. 72


Mari Lee, violin 

David Fung, piano

Mihai Marica, cello

Ayane Kozasa, viola

Simon Lee, medium/Benjamin Britten